Run Details

The 23-day period to run one of our races is now over at the end of Monday October 12, 2020.  Especially on Thanksgiving Day, we are so thankful that so many of you ran virtually in one of our races.  The results show a couple of things:  one, that runners want to run in events even when we can’t do it in the conventional mass get together events like we were used to in the past, and two, the runners, the businesses that support us and the volunteers in our community have all pulled together again to put together this event to help support our very worthy cause, the Winkler Food Cupboard.  It’s humbling to witness the support that was generated for the Food Cupboard.

We want to share one particular experience that a runner, Kevin Legace had in running the TFGR.  He has given us permission to quote him.  

“Thank you so much for your email and I’ll give thanks to you and this committee for planning this. I’m thrilled to have run my half marathon for a good cause. Hope it helps the community. I paid the $20 (shipping) already and would love the shirt and medal sent as soon as it could.  It’s my first ever marathon medal and I’ll hang it with pride.”